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Come swim in my ocean, amidst pearls and seaweed and resist the urge to drown

‘Figure’tively speaking

It is that time of the year when I am running out of supportive underwear and things are starting to feel a little too… free. I head to one of those little shops where women pull out boxed bras and… Continue Reading →

My best reads of 2020

2020 was a tough reading year for me two reasons. Firstly, the pandemic-induced anxiety made it harder to focus. Secondly, I read more as a writer, picking away at the pieces to see what I could take away for myself… Continue Reading →

Is Covid-19 making you madder? Well, join the club.

It is an accepted fact that I am slightly crazy – the weird and cute kind. I count tiles when I walk in a mall so I don’t succumb to the temptations of window-dressed mannequins and over-spend, search for lip… Continue Reading →

I May Destroy: An exquisite insight on sexual trauma, identity, and what it takes to let go

Coping with pandemic has been tough but for the past three months, one of my lifelines has been waiting every Tuesday morning to watch Michaela Coel’s show– I May Destroy you. It replenished me, dispelled the ennui induced by living… Continue Reading →

Love, Me

Look at you Spectacles sliding off your nose A hidden grin as someone speaks Thinking they know better

Yes, I’m a Mess: What does it take for a 35-year-old to get ‘sorted’?

Angel, our maid, enters my room. It is dusting day and she is armed with a bag of brushes and absorbent cloths. She does the windows and cupboards before zoning in on her least favourite area – my dressing table…. Continue Reading →

Pain(ed) my love

My knees hurt from the weight of my body. Then my shoulders ache, after I push them to their limits of exertion to awaken dormant muscles and feel the burn. Pain travels through me like a devious dune in a… Continue Reading →

Bird-watching: Finding inner peace, one bird at a time

My tryst with bird watching began when I discovered an expensive pair of binoculars sitting in my cupboard, unused after its impulsive procurement several years ago. We’d used it to watch wild bears and whales on our holiday in the… Continue Reading →

2019 : Writing and failing but always growing

I am down to the last few pages in my daily planner and it is time to do the dreaded task of evaluating the year – what I did and didn’t do, how I failed and possibly grew, what I… Continue Reading →

96: Two people, one night and the pain of an unfinished story

My dearest friend Ami and I are sitting together on the couch, nursing our glasses of wine, listening to the song ‘Life of Ram’ from the Tamil movie 96. We have watched the video far too many and never cease… Continue Reading →

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