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March 2017

Golden Eye

I never understand why some people say, “I don’t want the head.” For me that’s the best part of the fish. As I stand at the market and stare at rows of them lying still on a bed of ice,… Continue Reading →

Manchester by the Sea

Forty-five minutes into ‘Manchester by the Sea’, I was tempted to switch movies. With the plot progressing at a glacial pace and Casey Affleck’s unexplained stoic expression that never changed, I wondered how on Earth he got an Oscar for this… Continue Reading →

Vegan Diaries

Okay so vegan-ism is something I have attempted and failed at several times. The general pattern is that I stick to a fairly disciplined regime of no animal products for a week or fortnight, and then a cube of cheese… Continue Reading →


For some odd reason, I had an extremely efficient morning today. After cooking breakfast and lunch and still having an hour or so till the little one would wake up, I sat with my computer, lapping up the luxury of… Continue Reading →

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