I remember that warm afternoon
We sifted through books and tapes
Trying to decide which ones to keep
Suddenly you were beside me
Resting your head upon my shoulder
Breath condensing against skin
Ignoring the intention, I hummed on
You stroked a taut nape to elicit tingles
It worked

The books were forgotten for a while
We made a mess in a different space
And then we returned to the task
Piling , boxing , discarding
A symphony of organizing chaos
We sang and argued
Swathed in dust and and sunlight

The warm afternoon got shelved
Not long after you left
I wish I hadn’t been so stupid
And given all those books away
I miss the mess
Like a lizard’s severed tail still dancing
Without the connection of blood and heart
I long for it all again

My painted fingers have grown
Leaving peeking white slits
This business of nail polish is bothersome
I don’t know why I do it
Chemicals and color
Just for a day or two of perfection

And now they need fixing
But where is my acetone?