Suppose my head exploded

What would you see

Hidden amidst the smithereens of pink, pulpy flesh

A frozen frame of the last dream

My last coherent thought at the edge of a smoking gun

Broken lobes, blood and fat

Is it all color coded

Archives of meditations, feelings, regrets

Bound by sunrises, broken conversations, love and hate

Will you have the time to sift through

And discover the festered mess of unuttered words

Will you see the beauty in my wreckage

A mind that created and destroyed everyday

Will you search for the missing piece

That connected neurons to my soul

The piece that made me human

Imperfect, savage and lost

There is no treasure in this shipwreck

Nothing worth diving for

But do it

Perhaps you’ll find splinters of yourself

Or a lesson that can save you a lifetime of pain

So come on, stop staring and move along

We’re running out of time



(Image credit : Jackson Pollock- The Flame)