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Buy less, Be more: Lessons from my year-long shopping detox

How to work on being a conscientious consumer

Meme-sahib: Why we need to re-examine modern humor

Memes. Isn’t it a wonderful world we live in , with constant innovation and evolution in practically every sphere including humor. I remember a time when I’d pick up little joke books or skim through Readers’ Digests for funny anecdotes…. Continue Reading →

I’ve always been a terrible decision-make. And by that I don’t mean that I make bad decisions but rather it is the process by which I reach pivotal action points that’s sort of disturbing. Behind my indecisiveness is an ingrained… Continue Reading →

Fighting to understand

Wars. How many has this world seen? Blood spilled, bombs dropped, towns and villages razed. The concept of war has always chewed my conscience, making me question the nature of humanity and survival. Am I naive to believe that a world… Continue Reading →

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