Pensive Piscean

Come swim in my ocean, amidst pearls and seaweed and resist the urge to drown


Soul Juice


Selfish. How is it so easy to throw a word and walk away. Like a grenade you leave it to explode within me -an adjective, an accusation, a perhaps truth. All these years I’ve wrung myself out for you, held… Continue Reading →

Art: Heads & Tails

Art is useless Art. A three letter word that pretentious fools like to cling on to with a desperate hope for validation. What is up with these people who stand before mish-mashed paintings that look like a collage of vomit… Continue Reading →

You Are Enough

Be wary of people. They slither with smiles, poison laced on tongues that pour out sweet words mellifluously . They embrace you, but if you stop breathing for a second you’ll feel a wall, bricks of unhappiness that make it… Continue Reading →


I knew a girl once. She was older to me and I adored her, the way she’d authoritatively declare the game we’d play, her choice of bright flaring skirts, her creative endeavors with broken shells and colorful satin ribbons collected…. Continue Reading →

Golden Eye

I never understand why some people say, “I don’t want the head.” For me that’s the best part of the fish. As I stand at the market and stare at rows of them lying still on a bed of ice,… Continue Reading →


For some odd reason, I had an extremely efficient morning today. After cooking breakfast and lunch and still having an hour or so till the little one would wake up, I sat with my computer, lapping up the luxury of… Continue Reading →


In Bloom

Potpourri and nuptial beds Bouquets and garlands Perfume and cream   I bloom for you Pluck and use me Just watch for thorns

Farewell 2016

Another year comes to an end. Tonight I shall go out with family and friends, drink and be merry, reminisce, feel a swarm of gratitude when the clock strikes 12. Another day will come along and nothing will truly change… Continue Reading →

Writing Lessons- What NaNoWriMo taught me

Yes, I did it! I climbed my Everest of the year- started and finished NaNoWriMo 2016. 50,038 words over 30 days. Phew. With sporadic bursts of frantic writing countered by long days when my daughter was sick, I am still… Continue Reading →

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