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Stir it Up

Is Covid-19 making you madder? Well, join the club.

It is an accepted fact that I am slightly crazy – the weird and cute kind. I count tiles when I walk in a mall so I don’t succumb to the temptations of window-dressed mannequins and over-spend, search for lip… Continue Reading →

Pain(ed) my love

My knees hurt from the weight of my body. Then my shoulders ache, after I push them to their limits of exertion to awaken dormant muscles and feel the burn. Pain travels through me like a devious dune in a… Continue Reading →

Bon Appétit

It’s a lovely eveningThe candelabras are twinklingCasting delicate shadowsA waiter seats themHands over menus They scroll through the pagesTaste buds tinglingFor the fine meal aheadEntrees, mains, dessertsSuch sumptuous choices The waiter pours wineThey sip and nodBurgundy warms them upAre you… Continue Reading →

Vegan Diaries

Okay so vegan-ism is something I have attempted and failed at several times. The general pattern is that I stick to a fairly disciplined regime of no animal products for a week or fortnight, and then a cube of cheese… Continue Reading →

I stand alone. The cool wind twirls around my ears playfully as I stand in the glow of a street-light. The silence is soothing, broken occasionally by the rustling of palm leaves or the distant bark of a dog marking… Continue Reading →

Look for the bare-necessities!

Look for the bare-necessities!

Calvin- my hero!

Calvin- my hero!


It’s out there somewhere, calling out to you Tantalizing with ominous mystery The perfect bait is irresistible If you dare to imagine It hooks you on and tugs you out Of your ocean of familiarity and calm You drip off… Continue Reading →

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