Doctor Strange is a thoroughly enjoyable super-hero movie that marries action and philosophy so well.

Kaecilius (the bad guy): Death is an insult to humanity.

The Ancient One (the good one): Death gives meaning to life.

The deep inflections on the vastness of the universe (or as they call the multiverse), the power of the mystic & the idea of a finite life providing us with happiness is what is admirable about this Marvel film. Although they have stuck to the original formula with student becoming villain to seek more and blah blah, essentially Doctor Strange explores realms beyond Earth, beyond what we think we know. The mind-bending action sequences are a bonus. Oh and also, watching a woman whoop ass is always something I thoroughly enjoy!

Well-written characters (except for Palmer, the love interest, whom I just found myself not caring too much for). A must-watch in 3D.