It’s out there somewhere, calling out to you
Tantalizing with ominous mystery

The perfect bait is irresistible
If you dare to imagine

It hooks you on and tugs you out
Of your ocean of familiarity and calm

You drip off everything you’ve ever known
And feel a sun you’ve never seen

A craving is born
For tastes of things beyond needs

It can rip you from within
Make you soar blue skies

Blueness of infinite possibilities
Sprinkled with clouds of marvel and mayhem

One must ask- why take that bite
For a journey of uncertainty

Is it not enough to live with what we know
And never fear what lies outside water

The answer has never been simpler
All you need is a brave heart

For why swim in contentedness all your life
When you can fly through euphoria for even a second?

For everything I know and all else yet to discover..For all the songs waiting to be heard..For all that I am not and hope to be…the search for my perfect bait has only just begun.