So yesterday was day 12 of NaNoWriMo. The shattering realization that I was lagging by 5,000+ words pushed me to pack my laptop, bid the hubster and kid good-bye and head off to a Starbucks next to my house. I got there, grabbed a sofa accessible to a power source and set off to order a hot beverage to stimulate my brain and get the words pouring.

I needed something potent enough to provoke sufficient inspiration. The usual cuppa Earl Grey just was not going to cut it for me. Ambitiously, I ordered a double Espresso and downed it in a span of five minutes. I stretched my fingers out and began to type.

But here’s something you should know. I never drink coffee. In fact, I’m extremely sensitive to caffeine. Here’s how the evening went:

5:30 pm: Drink double espresso.

6:30 pm: Yay- 1,500 words! I rock!

7:00 pm: Still at 1,500. I’m hungry. Order and eat a giant croissant.

7:30 pm: Another 200 words. Mouth is dry and fingers are shaking.

8:30 pm: Made it to 2,000! Must celebrate with cake. (Yes because the caffeine clearly wasn’t enough)

9 pm: Buzzed with sugar and caffeine, my brain is officially on overdrive. The only thing is, I’m thinking about a gazillion other things besides NaNoWriMo now.

9:30 pm: Make grocery list.

11:00 pm: Unpack groceries and open laptop. Still no more words. Pick up an Anne Tyler book to read.

12:00 am: Bored of reading. Begin watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ Season 1. For inspiration for the writing you see. Don’t be so quick to judge.

12:45 am: Make an egg sandwich.

02:00 am: Switch off television and drag self to bed.

03:30 am: Sudden bursts of plot bunnies hop through my head. Sleep is officially out of the question.

I really need the equivalent of Seinfeld’s soup Nazi who yells out to me the next time I go to order- No coffee for you!