Look at you

Spectacles sliding off your nose

A hidden grin as someone speaks

Thinking they know better

But you are smart enough now

To play dumb

You won’t waste your time


Your brilliance stays within

Cocooned behind thoughts like fireflies

Sometimes finding a way out

When you write, hum, stare at the sky

Believing you can do more than this

Flapping wings against glass windows

Harder, harder, hardest

You break it


Sometimes you pretend to be thinking

When all you are doing is biding time

Till the next meal

Or movie, book, song, slice of sky

To drown yourself in

These soothing accessories to existence

You think of mushrooms in truffle oil

A love story in pages that churned longing

The flitting black and orange flycatcher

And these complete your world


I love your terrible laugh

An ungraceful guffaw that makes people turn

The way you gasp for breath and clench your stomach

Not caring about joy leaking out

Not caring about mother’s words

‘When you laugh hard, you fall.’

If you fall, you will get up

And if you don’t, the cool earth takes care.


Your body is tough and lovely

Skin that welcomes the sun, rain, dust

Two moles on a neck – trace of a vampire love

Stubby fingers that shape what they can

Shoulders that bear what they must

A plump belly with a printed map

Soft breasts that yearn for escape

From brassieres, stares, gravity


Your mind is a labyrinth

With a deejay and disco lights

To help you enjoy the haze of being lost

While you dredge answers

What lives in a dew drop?

How do good people survive?

Why did you stay silent?


Your heart is a motel

Cheap and open to everyone

Welcoming those who need rest from travel

Or space for clandestine affairs

It is shabby and reliable

Never needing reservations


You never learn

To stay away from the iron-box

And once the blister fades

You’re out there again

Stupid and hopeful 

Wild and wicked

Waiting to inhale the universe


Image credit: All you need is selflove, Lily Lockwood