Teach her to stare at her reflection so hard till skin and bones melt off and all that remains is her quiet soul glittering like a sequinned Milky Way.

Teach her it’s okay to say ‘Fuck’ and ‘Pussy’ and that being graceful does not mean sitting cross-legged with a parasol in the sun and watching the world float by.

Teach her to ask for what she wants; being shy is not a virtue, it’s a disability.

Teach her to feel the rage in every vein till she turns into an untamed beast who must destroy.

Teach her that most people are like mirages in deserts; to know when to give up walking towards a shimmer that doesn’t exist.

Teach her to cry properly till every unwanted grain of salt within her is flushed out and she is redeemed.

Teach her how to decide; whether it lands her in a tornado or a meadow, she must never be stagnant and comfortable.

Teach her to savor the loneliness that comes her way; it will empower her like no words can.

Teach her to wrap her regrets and stack them in an attic deep within; let them gather dust and remain but to never bring them out to the living room.

Teach her to dance alone because someone is always watching.