For some odd reason, I had an extremely efficient morning today. After cooking breakfast and lunch and still having an hour or so till the little one would wake up, I sat with my computer, lapping up the luxury of toggling between browser windows, watching trailers and reading a few of my favorite columns. There is something so therapeutic about drinking a hot cup of strong , black tea and reading current affairs. Then deciding I needed to do something more concrete to utilize this miraculous gift of spare time, I opened my mailbox and began decluttering. I’d been procrastinating the act of ‘Unsubscribe’ for way too long. Today was the day- I’d do it.

So I began, opening and clicking, answering the ‘Are you sure?’ question and heaving a sigh of relief with each affirmation of never being bothered again. Parenting newsletters, writers tips, restaurant offers, Groupon deals, Linked In updates (Haven’t updated my profile in years and yet they continue to have faith in the possible resurrection of my professional aspirations- God bless ’em!). How on earth had I managed to sign up for all this stuff?

Unsubscribe. Decide. Let go of all the stuff that lies between trash and gold.