Be wary of people. They slither with smiles, poison laced on tongues that pour out sweet words mellifluously . They embrace you, but if you stop breathing for a second you’ll feel a wall, bricks of unhappiness that make it impossible for one to feel anything for anyone else. If you aren’t careful enough, your trust will become their dishrag. You’ll stand before them pouring your heart out, being brave. And they’ll call you stupid and make you do the worst thing – doubt yourself. Because somehow, no matter how strong we are, we crave validation, we want someone to tell us “Hey it’s okay, jump! You’ll make it.” But who would do that? Who would care enough to nurture the courage and soul you have when they’re filled with nothing but worry for their own lives.

So don robes of pretense and keep those bits of your story to yourself. You don’t need someone else to tell you, “It’s okay”. You Are Enough.

Even if it means choosing loneliness and nights of cheeseballs with Netflix, do it. Authenticity is as rare as diamonds and you have no time to mine for it in others.